Rincon Country Solo Show 2016

Bonnie Gonzales - ARTIST STATEMENT
From the moment that first swath of color makes contact with paper, I am enraptured by the transformation it brings to a painting. As a child growing up, my summers were spent in a cottage on Glen Lake in northern Michigan. My heart became tightly wrapped in the beauty of that idyllic setting, and its wonders have been permanently etched in my mind. Many of my landscapes include the blue waters of northern Michigan, and I am expanding into painting the beautiful colors of the Sonoran desert as well as northern California, Oregon, and Idaho.

Pastel painting has opened up a new world for me. I absolutely love the brilliance of the pastel medium, and the immediacy it lends to my art.  I enjoy both en plein air painting and studio work. With each artistic interpretation of a scene, whether I am painting outdoors or using a photo for a resource, layering and blending the pastel sticks breathes life into each stroke I make – and the allure of color gives me the freedom to express myself without boundaries.

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